Building Brighter Futures for People with Disabilities

Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI) is a non-profit agency that provides comprehensive services that promote growth, independence, and self worth in children and adults with disabilities.

In addition to support for children and adults, we offer developmental, vocational, and community living services. MRI also operates a production facility to provide training opportunities to individuals while fulfilling prime manufacturing and service contracts. Plus, we run Homeward Bound Pet Shelter, which gives our clients work training experience.

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MRI Spotlight

blue tower training

Blue Tower Training Center

Making a difference in the lives of people around the world--both with and without disabilities

homeward bound pet shelter

Homeward Bound Pet Shelter

A temporary home for cats and dogs looking for loving owners

business services

Business Services

Offering quality products and services to area businesses

children's services

Children's Services

Services for children of all ages

adult services

Adult Services

A comprehensive program providing services and supports to adults with disabilities