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Talk Time with Rachel – Meet Dolores

Talk Time with Rachel – Meet Dolores

Meet Dolores

Dolores, MRI Day Training participant, is one of our most awesome and unique individuals! When Dolores is not here at MRI she enjoys spending time on the computer and collecting baby dolls and ink pins. Dolores also loves listening to music in her free time, with Bruno Mars being her favorite singer. She also loves movies and television! Her favorite movie to watch is Look Who is Talking Now and her favorite TV show is Leave it to Beaver! Dolores is also a big fan of Chinese cuisine! Yum!! One of Dolores’s favorite games to play is the card game Uno! That’s definitely a fun one!

Dolores is also a lover of animals, with dogs being her favorite! If she had a dog she would name it George!

When asked about what she likes about her case manager at MRI, Dolores said that, “I think that my case manager is nice to me and she makes me happy.” She also had to say about her group leader that, “She makes me happy and she is funny too!”

What she really likes about MRI is the music class and that MRI gives her an opportunity to make some money.

When asked about being able to travel anywhere she wished, Dolores says she would love to go to Florida! She would love to be in Florida swimming in the water!

Overall, Dolores sees herself as a nice and funny individual and we all think so too!

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