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Talk Time with Rachel – Meet Janet Smith

Talk Time with Rachel – Meet Janet Smith

Meet Janet Smith

Janet Smith is an employee here at MRI.

What Janet likes best about herself is her strength, independence, and happiness because it takes a strong person to be able to appreciate a lot things in life.

Janet is a big fan of the arts! Some of her favorite movies are Precious and Pursuit of Happiness! Her favorite singers are Keshia Cole and Mary j. Blige. When she’s in the car she loves to listen to Hip Hop and Rap because it puts her in a good and happy mood. She’s also quite creative herself! Janet enjoys making key chains!

Janet considers her daughter her best friend and she loves spending time with her. Playing games with her daughter is one of her favorite things to do because it adds to their quality time. Spending time with her daughter helps Janet make sure that her daughter is having fun and creating quality memories!

What Janet likes best about her job is the clients and the daily challenges because you just never know what’s going to happen! It keeps the job exciting!

If Janet could go anywhere in the world, she would love to see Africa. She would love to see the difference of how she lives versus the way people in Africa live and see if it’s really how people describe it!

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