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United Way Giving Campaign!

United Way Giving Campaign!

Monday, October 23rd – Friday, November 3rd is the Internal Giving Campaign over here at MRI!

MRI is a United Way agency, which means that MRI receives funding through United Way. United Way funds go towards our speech & language therapy programs here at MRI! 

Each Fall MRI participates in United Way’s Giving Campaign. This campaign consists of organizations and companies throughout Decatur participating in various fundraising campaigns! 

At MRI however, we do our campaign internally, so instead of raising money for an outside organization, the money we raise goes directly to MRI! For two weeks at MRI we have  a little “Homecoming week” where we rally our MRI members to get them excited and eager to donate through various fun activities! 

We kicked off our campaign with a relay race involving selected directors from our many departments! 

Our relay started off with team members competing in a three legged race!

Once they crossed the finish line for the three legged race, the teams tag teamed into a Egg Walk!

After the Egg Walk racers passed their finish line, the next event was the silly Doughnut Race, in which opposing teams were tasked to eat a doughnut on a string without the use of their hands! This one posed most challenging, but also the most entertaining to watch! Yum!







Once the doughnuts were eaten in their entirety, additional team members had to tie a tissue box filled with ping pong balls to their waist and shake their hips until all of the balls spilled out from the box! Having the best dance moves definitely helped with this one!








Before the final relay, teams had to pass a balloon to each member of the team using only their neck!! Sometimes these tasks are a lot easier said than done!

Once every task was completed, the first team to sit on the balloon and pop it wins!
The relay was great fun for our clients and for the staff at MRI!

The week of Monday, October 30th – Friday, November 3rd we have our Dress Up days for the campaign! 

Monday, October 30th – MRI Monday
Let’s kick off the week with some MRI spirit!

Tuesday, October 31st – Halloween!!
Show us your best trick or treating costume!

Wednesday, November 1st – Wacky Wednesday
How wacky can you be!? The crazier the better!

Thursday, November 2nd – Throwback Thursday
Throw it back to the past by dressing to fit in your favorite decade!

Friday, November 3rd – Fan Day Friday
What are you a fan of? A sports team? A TV show? Show your pride!

So… How is MRI raising money internally?

MRI has offered several fun ways for staff to participate in the Internal Giving Campaign! Some of the many ways include..

Free MRI Stainless Can Cooler OR Tumbler
Free MRI stainless steel can cooler to everyone who pledges $1 or more per paycheck. Free MRI Stainless steel Tumbler to everyone who pledges $5 or more per paycheck.

Guess How Many
Stop by the reception area at any location before Thursday, November 2nd to guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar for your chance to win the candy AND points for your department!

MRI Treasure Hunt
Do you see something out of the ordinary lurking around any of the three MRI locations? Keep an eye out for a treasure map to follow from Tuesday, October 24th to Friday, October 27th!

Door Decorating Contest
Donate $5 to decorate your office door. Volunteer Judges will choose a winner on Wednesday, November 1st. Doors must be decorated by Monday, October 30th.

Scarecrow Contest
Week one: create and decorate your scarecrow. Week two: voting begins! Bring your spare change to vote for the best scarecrow! The one with the most money in it’s jar by Thursday, November 2nd WINS!

Duct Tape the Director(s)
Be sure to turn in your pledge sheets by Thursday, November 2nd. The director(s) of the department with the largest percentage turned in gets duct taped to the wall! Keep an eye out for ways to earn points for your department throughout the campaign!

What’s great about donating internally is that at the end of the campaign we get to choose which specific programs get the donations!