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MRI Creative Writing Class presents “Beneath the Mask” !

At MRI we offer a vast array of fun and interesting programs for our clients to utilize and explore. This week we would like to take a look at our Creative Writing Class!

So what exactly is the Creative Writing Class? It is a special writing class available to any and all interested in the art of creative writing! The class currently consists of about 6 regular members, but any and all are always welcome! The class is typically given a topic or prompt and then given free rein to express themselves however they want!

This month our Creative Writing Class has taken on the theme of “Beneath the Mask” with their writings. The theme “Beneath the Mask” gives the members of the Creative Writing Class an opportunity to talk about the metaphorical “masks” that they wear to hide themselves from the world around them.








Meet Reene! Reene loves art, knitting and arts & crafts in general so it’s no wonder she would be apart of our Creative Writing team. Renee enjoys writing to express her feelings and to show everyone how she feels. Renee is a very creative individual with a large heart to show it!



Chris is another one of our awesome Creative Writing team members. Chris enjoys spending his time blacksmithing, woodworking, and sewing. Wow!! Chris likes to write because he gets to put his feelings into words.




Another one of our AWESOME Creative Writing members is Katy. Katy loves to sing and dance and has also done her share of acting. Writing helps Katie express herself when she’s having trouble elaborating on her feelings. She is a very unique individual and she has so much to be proud of!



Karina is another one of our talented Creative Writing team members. Karina loves music, dancing, working, and hanging out with her boyfriend. Karina likes to write because it allows her to relieve any stress she might have. She loves using music as a means to calm herself down too! Karina is very nice and downright awesome!



We here at MRI are always excited to see what our Creative Writing Class is working on and we are all very excited to see what is next for them!