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Blue Tower Training Update

A note from Shirley Paceley, Blue Tower Training Director:
It has been an honor for me to have spent the past sixteen years sharing the mission of Blue Tower Training, a division of Macon Resources, Inc. Blue Tower Training began in the year 2000 and has impacted the lives of people with disabilities and their families on a local, state and national level. We have also extended our outreach to disability organizations, victim services, state and national associations and many others.

As I prepare for semi-retirement and for leaving Macon Resources, Inc. after nearly 30 years, I want to thank everyone for their support and their dedication to promote growth, independence and self worth for people with disabilities. I want you to know that my commitment to this work will not end at this time. Effective August 31st, Blue Tower Training will transition to Blue Tower Solutions, a not-for-profit organization created by Krescene Beck, Leanne Roth, Linda Sandman and myself to carry on our dedication to equality, justice and freedom for people with disabilities. You may reach me at shirleypaceley@gmail.com.