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MRI Speech Club


Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm our Speech Club gathers together. Each week our participants are given a new discussion topic to help our clients practice their speaking skills. Speech Club is full of all sorts of fun and surprises! Along with their sense of humor, the participants bring a punch card with them every week. With each attendance, they get 1 hole punch and an additional hole punch if they decide to speak. Once the punch card is filled, that participant earns a surprise! 

Speech Club isn’t just about speaking. It’s also a place for fun & games!! Here we can see our speech group learning about the fundamentals of volleyball during that week’s speech topic, SPORTS!


Some of the speech topics discussed in the past include: 

    • This is how you play my favorite sport.
    • If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
    • Who is your hero and why?
    • What animal would you like to be for one day and why?
    • What are your favorite things about fall?And so many more!!


Every week we have a guest speaker that joins us. Our guests can be anyone. We’ve had guests that were staff at MRI, family members of staff, other clients, just about anyone that would like to guest speak is more than welcome. Some of our guest speakers teach our participants how to be formal, what to wear and how to address a formal audience; while other speakers are more relaxed and just sit down for a conversation or demonstration. 

Speech Club consists of about 10-12 individuals. Some of our weekly participants include.. 

  • Andy- soft spoken but very intelligent and creative.
  • Angie- very sweet and funny, but isn’t afraid to tell you how it is.
  • Shawn- the best listener in class! Always respectful to the individual speaking.
  • Caleb- Caleb brings the
  •  laughter and stories to class.
  • Brook- without Brook, speech club wouldn’t be nearly as fun and lively. Brook is always there for someone if they’re struggling with a topic or having a hard time speaking about something.
  • Tonya- always very excited about speech each week!
  • Jill- the bubbliest person you’ll ever meet. Always smiling and spreading a smile on other’s faces.
  • Matt- also very excited about our weekly meetings, always willing to share a story or experience with the club.
  • Lynn- Lynn is very in tune with all safety precautions. She is very cautious and informative.
  • Dorothy- You can always count on Dorothy for a good laugh and a sweet compliment. She enjoys speech club and enjoys socializing with her peers.