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Impact Story: Meet Tim

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, MRI’s April Impact story highlights one of our persons served who has been receiving services for over 20 years!

Meet Tim! Tim was diagnosed with autism at the age of 6. His journey with MRI began in 1999 when he joined the situational assessment program, and shortly after that, he switched to the work assessment program. For all of his adult life, Tim has been highly motivated and has a strong desire to work. In March of 2000, the work assessment program placed him in a community job at a local grocery store. Although he enjoys to work, something didn’t feel right for Tim. It was at this point MRI made a real impact on his life by recognizing that the community job wasn’t a good fit for him. In July of 2002, Tim began his job working in License Plates as a labeler and has been working there ever since.

“My favorite thing about MRI is my job!”

Up until recently when COVID-19 began, Tim was working a lot; at least four days a week! He loves labeling license plates and does it extremely well. Since returning back to MRI from quarantine last year, he has been able to continue working. However, due to COVID restrictions and the decrease in orders, he isn’t able to work as often.

MRI is very thankful to have such a hard working employee like Tim!

Additionally, Tim joined the CDS (developmental training) program in 2002. Since then he has formed bonds with many of his caseworkers and can even remember each and every one of their names. CDS is an environment where he is able to effectively communicate his wants and needs and they are heard and recognized. Moreover, MRI creates an outlet in which Tim can socialize and build lasting friendships.

In his interview, Tim shared and demonstrated a really cool fact about himself. He is able to recall and memorize routes and the road names to get to various destinations. For example, he can recall in detail the route from Illinois to Florida!