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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

MRI Kids offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  ABA provides instruction to improve the day-to-day life of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities.  ABA instruction, typically offered in a one-on-one setting to meet the needs of each learner, is focused on teaching skills and decreasing behaviors that interfere with learning.

Instruction focuses on an individual’s learning or behavior needs, working on improving skills such as:

Social Skills Camp
What is Social Skills Camp?

Social Skills Camp is a 8-week summer camp designed for adolescents who are on the Autism spectrum. The Social Skills Camp provides educational and therapy services. Instruction and training will take place as a group and one-on-one, with direct social skills and behavioral instruction.

Classroom instruction includes a 1:3 teacher to targeted learner ratio throughout all camp activities. All staff are experienced and knowledgeable about Autism and the needs of other specialized learners and associated behaviors. Enrolled children will explore various scenarios with peers from the community. Learners will experience a classroom setting and interactive role-play environment.

Instruction includes scenarios such as:

  • Taking turns
  • Interactive play with peers
  • Joining play
  • Initiating and maintaining conversations
  • Sportsmanship
  • Building peer relationships
  • Speaking to strangers
  • Greetings
  • Other similar scenarios
  • Identifying and labeling emotions in themselves and others
  • Utilizing coping strategies
  • Mindfulness therapy
How will the camp benefit my child and my family as a whole?

All enrolled children will enjoy time with peers and make measureable progress in multiple areas of growth over summer break. Social Skills Camp will:

  • Address problematic behaviors that are barriers to learning in the regular school year setting
  • Target individual skills of learners based on needs
  • Document outcomes with learners
  • Follow daily individualized curriculum and group lessons
  • Offer parent support to assist in generalization

At the end of camp each learner would receive a report summarizing outcomes and recommendations to share with families and educators.

When is Social Skills Camp?

Social Skills Camp runs for 8 weeks from mid June through July.  The camp is Monday through Friday from 9am to noon at MRI Kids. Space is limited.

To learn more about ABA or Social Skills Camp, please contact:

MRI Kids Connection
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