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Macon Birdies Golf Camp

Today, June 21st, was the first day for the Macon Birdies Golf Camp. South Side Country Club has partnered with MRI to sponsor a golf camp for 60 persons served. South Side’s General Manager, Nick Taute, had the idea to offer a one & a half hour long camp that would teach persons served basic golf skills, such as driving, chipping, and putting. Nick along with South Side’s Pro Shop staff, volunteers from the club, the Millikin Golf Team, and MRI Staff. The camp is scheduled to happen again on July 12th, August 16th, & September 27th.

Our persons served had so much fun getting acquainted with basic golf skills! One of our persons served, Carl said,

“For my first time, I did pretty good. It was awesome!”

Many of the other campers mentioned how excited they were to finally be on a real golf course! At the end of each camp lesson, all who participate will receive a customized gift to commemorate their time. Today they received a pair of sunglasses with “Macon Birdies Golf Camp” printed on the side.

We’re excited to watch our persons served enjoy playing golf and improve their skills!

Special thanks to South Side Country Club for hosting this camp and welcoming us to their club!