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Meaningful Meadows Outdoor Activity Center

Meaningful Meadows is a 1.5 acre outdoor activity center for adults with developmental disabilities on the MRI campus. The center is one of the first of it’s kind in the state of Illinois, offering opportunities for sensory learning, exercise and recreation while being fully accessible.

Meaningful Meadows features a sensory garden with over 500 plants and flowers and 48 trees to provide opportunities for learning through connecting with the senses. A waterfall near a private seating area where persons served can enjoy and be comforted by the natural sounds. There is also a musical chime station and car wash that provides a multi-sensory experience.

In addition to the sensory features, Meaningful Meadows also offers opportunities for outdoor recreation and exercise. The center has 8 ft wide walking paths so two wheelchairs can stroll together, a full size basketball and pickle ball court, splash pad, 2 wheelchair accessible swings and mini golf.

This inclusive space provides the people we serve with new experiences, more opportunities to learn, options to promote their physical well-being, boost creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, and connect to their community, all while being accessible. Learn more about Meaningful Meadows

For questions or tour requests regarding Meaningful Meadows please contact MRI’s Director of Development, Rachel Moran, at 217.875.8850 or rmoran@maconresources.org