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Meet Dorothy

Meet Dorothy, an MRI Community Day Services participant. 

“MRI makes me feel like I can do and accomplish anything I want. I love it here!” ~ Dorothy

Dorothy has been attending MRI for over 22 years. Over that time, Dorothy has grown in her independence and confidence in herself and her abilities. Dorothy is so proud of the work she accomplishes every day at Macon Resources.

But Dorothy wasn’t always this thriving, amazing individual you see every day. When Dorothy started at MRI, she was very withdrawn, insecure and introverted. She didn’t want to work and she didn’t want to have friends. You do not see that personality today.

Over the years, the influence her supportive family, staff, and classmates she interacts with at MRI has changed her. MRI’s innovative programming that teaches Dorothy life skills, job skills, provides opportunities for creativity, and health and wellness has also benefited her and has allowed her to grow into a thriving productive and independent member of society.

Dorothy has a very busy schedule when she arrives at MRI. She holds several different jobs during the day, ranging from labeling license plates, assembling pack nuts, to taking birthday, anniversary or get well soon cards around for staff to sign and send. She loves any reason to celebrate!

Dorothy is also a gifted artist and enjoys spending time in Special Projects class creating art pieces for her friends and family.

While Dorothy faces many challenges, she does not let her disability define her. She always has a positive attitude and knows that with MRI’s help, she is going to be okay. Dorothy is going through nightly dialysis due to kidney failure, but you would never know that. She is on a waiting list and must lose 20 pounds before she can receive her new kidney. With the help of her case manager and family, she has found a healthy eating plan that works for her and is utilizing the exercise benefits of Meaningful Meadows every chance she gets.

“You wouldn’t know Dorothy has kidney failure,” said Leslie Pierce, Human Rights Manager at MRI. “She doesn’t miss a day of work, she’s active and she wants to lose the weight.”

Dorothy loves to walk the track with her friends and swing on the brand new swing set. She is also so excited to be able to use the splash pad when it gets hot outside next summer! Since it’s getting too cold to use Meaningful Meadows, she has moved her exercise routine indoors and enjoys walking laps in the gym and around the building to stay active.

“Meaningful Meadows is nice and pretty. I like walking with all my friends.”

Today, Dorothy is proud of herself. She is social and has many friends at MRI. She has found her value and confidence, and is working hard to lose weight so she can get her new kidney and continue living a happy and meaningful life.

We asked Dorothy if she would like to say anything to the people who took the time to read her story and she said “Yes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” and “Go MRI!” – 

MRI Day Training Participant