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Impact Story: Meet Lawrence

Meet Lawrence! Lawrence has received services from MRI for the past 16 years. Everyone who has ever interacted with or heard Lawrence’s story will tell you he has overcome a life-time’s worth of obstacles and has so much to be proud of. MRI is so happy and proud to share Lawrence’s story of becoming independent […]

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Spread The Word: Inclusion 2021 Connection

Last week, March 3rd, was spread the word: inclusion day. Spread the word to end the word is a campaign with the belief that “the world would be better if all people were valued, respected, embraced, and included.” however, the group that lacks inclusion most are individuals with developmental disabilities. This is why each year […]

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#NDEAM Spotlight: Meet Shawn

Meet Shawn! Shawn has worked at Walmart for 3 months as a cart retriever. He also assists in carrying out groceries for customers! Shawn first came to MRI back in 2013. After working a couple of jobs that didn’t work out, Shawn decided that he wanted to go back to school. With help from the […]

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#NDEAM Spotlight: Meet Roger

Meet Roger! Roger has worked at MRI for 34 years and currently works as a License Plate Tech in the Production department. He specifically works on the blanking line, but in the past has worked on roller coating and embossing. Roger knows A LOT about license plates! We asked Roger why his job is important […]

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#NDEAM Spotlight: Meet Ian

Meet Ian! Ian came to MRI’s Supportive Employment Program in 2019 as a referral, where he worked with staff member, Dee McMillen, on finding a job. Dee started the process by asking Ian lots of questions to help him determine the type of job he would be interested in. From the job search, to interview […]

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#NDEAM Spotlight: Meet Chaini

For our second National Disability Employment Awareness month spotlight, meet Chaini! Chaini has worked at Evergreen Senior Living for the past 2 years as a Dining Server, where she helps prepare meal trays by placing sides on the trays. She also wraps silverware, washes dishes, and puts them away! Chaini came to MRI two years […]

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#NDEAM Spotlight: Meet Barb

In 1983, we unveiled the first license plate made at Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI) This was an incredibly historic day that forever changed the landscape for individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. You can’t see the photo that well, but it’s hard to miss the smiles and pride on those we serve’s faces. Almost […]

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MRI receives $25,000 grant from America In Bloom and Canadian National Railroad

Decatur, IL – MRI was selected to receive a $25,000 grant from the America in Bloom (AIB) and Canadian National Railroad (CN) “From the Ground Up” grant program. The announcement will further be explained on Tuesday, June 30th at 10AM in Meaningful Meadows. The grant is supporting landscaping throughout the 1.5 acre center that provides educational and […]

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MRI COVID-19 Update 3.15.20

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March Employee of the Month

Happy March! Spring is just around the corner! With a new month beginning, MRI has chosen a new employee of the month. Congratulations to Heike Owens, MRI’s March Employee of the Month. Heike is a member of our Community Day Services department. Heike was nominated by several people in her department for all of her outstanding […]

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